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“Joe Hartnett is one of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He has a strong strategic brain that's also always filled with new, out-of-the-box ideas.  Joe is just a terrific guy to work with whose boundless energy and enthusiasm are contagious, making everyone around him even better.”                                      Mark D. Johnson, VP/Strategic Marketing, The Phelps Group

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INSPIRIS                              Care Level Management

National Branding Research
Endorsed by Julie Andrews at its launch, this innovative company brings physicians into homes to treat chronically ill patients (CMS Medicare Demonstration Project).  H+A interviewed patients, physicians, insurers, caregivers (paid/unpaid), rode along with house-call doctors and developed a comprehensive branding program.
Result:  Successful Enrollment Period -- 15,000 Patients; CMS Medicare Savings of $600 Million!

City of Hope

Science Saving Lives
Co-developed a new, science- based brand positioning and theme line, Science Saving Lives, with agency and client.
Result:  Successful Brand Positioning in Marketplace

Surf City USA

Huntington Beach, California (Surf City USA)

H+A conducted research audit and planning sessions with the Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Board of Directors
Result: Approved Brand Strategy - Five Year Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Spark Restaurants

Casual Dining Restaurants
Innovative research format of “focus dinners” held to test prospective brand positions with current and new customers
Results: Brand position successfully re-positioned Restaurant Chain

Tahiti Tourisme

Primetime TV Special
Created and produced original programming for ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN International.
Sponsor Package included Tahiti Tourisme
Hinano Beer, Hawaiian Airlines, Outrigger Hotels and Pleasant Tahitian Holidays

Result:  $1,000,000+ international media exposure and promotion

Switzerland Tourism

First Worldwide Web Destination Management System
Joe Hartnett led a four-agency (two in U.S.; two in Switzerland) Web Developer coalition to build the site in 11 months. Launched in session of Swiss Parliament.
Result: eCommerce site in 7 languages and 37 world markets; still in successful operation today!

18 Seconds

Pro-Bono Brand Support

Description: The brainchild of Laurence Bender, producer of An Inconvenient Truth
Research: Board of Directors of thinkLA, an organization of leading advertisers and agencies in LA
Result: Pro Bono support for this important campaign

Bushnell & Major League Baseball

Fan of the Game

Big screen game day events in 28 Major League Baseball parks (6 Seasons!)
Live DiamondVision Bushnell Spectator Binocular Prize Giveaways
Game day program advertising
88 winners per season for 6 seasons = 12,000+ winners
Results: $3 million yearly exposure for Bushnell and local sponsors
Cost to Bushnell:  Binoculars!

Tahiti Tourisme/Discovery

Discovery Channel
Shark Week
Major Tune-in Promotion
Tahiti’s “signature” tourism experience: “Shark Feeding” promoted nationally
Program Elements
National sweepstakes (Cross-Channel TV promotion), TV, Radio, Print, Online
In-store (Discovery Channel stores)

ROI:  $200,601 Value for $14,500 Investment

Fender Guitars & K2 Sports

Co-Branding Partnership

Research showed high correlation of young guitarists and extreme sportsmen

Partnered Fender with K2, a maker of snowboards, skis, skateboards, downhill mountain bikes, and sportswear
Created Van-based Program
Demo athletes/musicians
Held at Trails, Ski Runs, Surf Spots

Result:  Raised Measurable Positive Brand Awareness

Petco & Air Bud Movie

Petco’s #1 Major Film Tie-In

National Release
Live events
Premiere Event
Result: Same Store Sales Increases of +5%